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Connecting Tomorrow’s

Healthcare Workforce

With Today’s Leaders…

- Centralized Clinical Placements System -

Serving Nationwide

Every day, we have the privilege of working with Hospitals, Universities, and Consortiums nationwide. We have never believed that one software program will fit the needs of every Hospital or University so each partnership is unique and each time, we tailor myClinicalExchange to the needs and specifications of that Program. After all, understanding your programs’ needs and challenges helps to build a better solution.

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Streamlined Process

“Organized”, “Efficient”, “Streamlined”… they are all words we want used to describe our daily work in the jobs we love. When it comes to setting up and managing Clinical Rotations, too often the words we might use to describe our work are “Repetitious”, “Time-Consuming” and “Scattered”. In an effort to relieve the stress of approving, preparing for, and monitoring Clinical Rotations, we created a software program called “myClinicalExchange”.

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Client Feedback

It has been a pleasure to work with your team at myClinicalExchange. All our deadlines have been consistently met and requests have been always answered. I would recommend and encourage all nursing schools to use this program for their Clinical Placements and compliance tracking.

~ Educator & Student Placement Coordinator

Just wanted to first tell you all in my opinion, myClinicalExchange has the best support and customer service of ANY company I’ve ever worked with whether personal or professional. Thanks for all you do!

~ Clinical Education Coordinator

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